Just another girl with an idea, a pen and a lot of bloody gumption.

Her friends and family know her as a true Renaissance Soul and Bon Vivant with a passion for life and dreaming big dreams. I mean, look at the book she wrote. The proof is in the pudding!

Tanya has been fortunate to travel the world for both pleasure and profession. Her passion for design was garnered in her first career (yes, there have been a few including her favourite aside from being a writer, a floral designer) working in advertising and design. Here she developed an eye for aesthetics and a curiosity for asking questions which ultimately led to the foundation of her first book, The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels. See beautiful wine label, ask wine maker many questions. You get it.

Having a love for reading from a very young age, Tanya published her first critically acclaimed piece of work at the tender age of 8. It was titled, The Gnomes. Thankfully an electronic copy was not kept (to the best of her knowledge), as she also contributed her own illustration for the publication. Obviously, at that point she was unaware that she was a writer and not an illustrator. Further to Tanya's illustrious early career as a writer, her other claim to fame is having read the entire Nancy Drew collection by the age of 13 and making a valiant attempt at reading the entire Oxford English dictionary at the age of 14. She is still working on that one. Her writing has been published on www.shedoesthecity.com and soon enough, www.sweetspot.ca.

The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels is this Wordsmith's first book. She is currently working on her first fiction project.